Why Choose Posture Group's Online Workstation Assessment System?


  • Completely customisable system that once setup will look like it was developed in-house. Posture Group is not looking to promote our brand and the customisation features reflect this.
  • Save between 70% and 97% by paying between £12 and £1 per license instead of £40.00 per assessment for a face to face consultation.
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Posture Group’s 250+ of the most highly qualified ergonomics, physiotherapy and health and safety consultants who have developed the online DSE workstation assessment system to streamline what they do face to face. Posture Group provides in excess of 300,000 face to face DSE workstation assessments annually.
  • Trial the system for FREE before you commit to purchasing it.
  • Post assessment On-Site support is available for any employees that may require a more in-depth pain consultation, in the cases of chronic pain. Just call us if you need us.
  • Totally compliant with Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992 and the system is automatically updated with any changes to the regulations.
  • The 3D animated video will illustrate to the user all the information required to setup their workstation correctly and considerations such as working posture and seated posture.
  • The automated user email setup and email launch feature streamlines the administration of the system.
  • Management is alerted via email to any outstanding issues that require further attention.
  • Paperless assessment process
  • The system is easy to setup and use.
  • Posture Group’s online DSE workstation system is completely impartial and is not focused on trying to sell you additional services, expensive ergonomic chairs or ergonomic products.
  • Posture Group is an ergonomics, pain management and health and safety company that have developed the online workstation assessment package as part of our offering and we are not purely a software company.
  • Posture Group are a United Kingdom based company.
  • A dedicated technical support line is available between 09:00am and 18:00pm daily if you experience any problems with the system. Technical support is also available via email and our software helpdesk out of hours.


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"5 million working days were lost as a result of back pain in 2003-04, making back pain the largest single cause of work-related absence in Britain"

"Back pain is the number 2 reason for long term sickness in much of the UK"

"All employers have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of their employees"

"RSI costs employers almost £300 million per annum in lost working time, sick pay and administration"

"Poor posture whilst sat at a computer causes more back problems than the excessive lifting and carrying". (Workplace Law Network, October 2006).