Training and risk assessment scenarios available for the online manual handling training & risk assessment system

General manual handling training and risk assessment for all workers which includes:

  • Worker health
  • Storage/retrieval of filing
  • Using a trolley
  • Moving furniture
  • Laptop carrying on person
  • Luggage carrying when travelling for work
  • Water Bottle handling for Coolers
  • Stationery order receiving
  • Handling files at a desk and retrieving items from low drawers
  • Stacking, warehouse
  • Loading and unloading, warehouse
  • Recycled/Shredded paper handling
  • General manual handling questions

Information Technology manual handling

  • Installing printer
  • Installing PC
  • Installing monitor
  • Installing servers

Administration manual handling

  • Printer Paper Distribution
  • Storage/retrieval of filing
  • Package receiving and handling

Post manual handling:

  • Franking
  • Post distribution

General office specific manual handling scenarios:

  • Moving presentation equipment
  • Using a trolley
  • Recycled / Shredded paper handling
  • Moving furniture
  • Laptop carrying on person
  • Luggage carrying when travelling for work
  • Water bottle handling for dispensers
  • Stationery order receiving

Corporate hospitality:

  • Drink and food tray handling (closed doors etc and trip/slip hazards)

Workstation manual handling:

  • Reaching to pick up files on desk
  • Retrieving items from low drawers

Manufacturing / production line / assembly line manual handling:

  • Assembly of components
  • Equipment operation

Service and repair (appliances):

  • Transport to customer home (carrying tools and replacement parts etc)
  • Repair of appliance

Warehouse manual handling:

  • Stacking
  • Loading and unloading

Healthcare / hospital manual handling:

  • Handling patients
  • Handling Equipment
  • Patient bathing/washing
  • Bed making

Retail / supermarket manual handling:

  • Checkout
  • Shelf Stacking/restocking

Road works manual handling:

  • Pneumatic drill
  • Manual digging
  • Material/equipment Handling

Parcel delivery / mail manual handling:

  • Sorting
  • Parcel handling
  • Parcel handling
  • Loading/unloading

Haulage / logistics manual handling:

  • Equipment operation
  • Loading/unloading

Refuse / recycling manual handling:

  • Loading/unloading
  • Handling
  • Equipment operation

Porter / travel manual handling:

  • Customer baggage assistance
  • Customer with disability assistance
  • Catering trolley
  • Baggage / luggage handling
  • Hotel bed making

Cleaner / cleaning manual handling:

  • Vacuuming
  • Floor polishing
  • Sweep/Mop
  • Cleaning

If you would like a specific scenario that is not listed, please call the Posture Group manual handling team on 020 3303 0980.


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