How The Online DSE Workstation Assessment Software Works?

Posture Group offers an online DSE workstation assessment training and self assessment software package to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992. Following completion of the workstation assessments access is provided to the administration system for designated system managers who are provided with all the completed assessment reports and a view of responses where risks may be present, with suggested action points in each case to resolve them.

How the system works:

i) The designated system administrator for your company is emailed all the features that can customised and emails back the information to your designated Posture Group technical account manager who will then setup the system with your requirements.

The information required and features that are customisable are highlighted below:

  • Company Logo
  • Company colour branding
  • Remove the spine from the background of the system.
  • Customisable disclaimer that is read when user registers on the system.
  • Setup departments, divisions or country drop down menus when each user registers on the system. The data is broken down by departments, divisions or country in the administration area for management review.
  • Rename departments, divisions or country fields to other names.
  • Upload of all company users with their names, departments and email addresses for automatic launch of the system. Unique and secure usernames and passwords are created.
  • Option to add files to be downloaded by employees (i.e. eye care policy)
  • Set reminder emails to be automatically sent out for users who have not completed their assessment.
  • Deletion of unwanted questions / responses. Questions can deleted. The number of questions can be reduced to the compulsory questions only.
  • Additional questions can be added.
  • Ability to change the question answer choices for all questions.
  • Assigned system administrator and specific line manager email alerts (i.e. a specific person to be notified if an issue has been flagged by a user)
  • Customisation of the text that is sent in the launch email to users of the system.
  • Customisation of the text that is sent in the reminder email to users who have not completed their assessment.
  • Setup the ability to download all the data in the administration area in excel format.
  • Download or print a summary of all outstanding issues that require attention at any point in time.
  • Assign specific managers to be notified for responses to any particular question responses.
iii) Once the online DSE workstation assessment system has been setup and customised by your technical account manager, and the launch date is agreed, your technical account manager will then launch the system for you.
iv) The launch email is received by each user with a unique and secure username and password with a link to the login page to start their online DSE workstation assessment.
v) Each user registers their details on the system at which point the 3D animated training video is loaded. This provides a visual guide to safe DSE workstation setup, working posture, seated posture and other important workstation considerations.
vi) On completion of the training video, the user completes a 20-minute detailed online multiple choice questionnaire, making any necessary adjustments to their workstation as they go so that their workstation is setup correctly on completion of the training and assessment.
vii) The workstation assessment information is automatically collated by the online system and displayed in an online report summary on completion of the assessment. The user is able to review all the questions and their answers and make any changes before completing the assessment which is sent to the administration area for management review.
viii) Management login into the administration area to view all completed workstation assessment reports and all outstanding issues with high, medium and low priorities assigned to them with suggested actions to resolve them. Statistics are also available and a list of all users who have not completed their assessments.
ix) If required Posture Group can assist with any post-assessment action and a consultant can be booked to return to provide a follow-up service e.g. users with chronic pain may require a detailed onsite assessment by a professional.

3D animated training videoExample of good workstation setup

  • 10-minute pre-assessment workstation setup and working posture training video.
  • Visually engaging and easy to understand.
  • Demonstrates key setup considerations e.g. chair position, desktop layout etc
  • Indicates key health and safety factors and provides suggestions as to how to improve health and safety when working at a desk, workstation and with a computer.

DSE workstation assessment questionnaire

  • Customisable questionnaire with deletion and addition of questions.
  • Customisable pre-assessment disclaimer
  • Simple multiple-choice answers.
  • Drop down list of pre-determined ‘issue’ responses
  • Additional text box for user to enter their own response
  • Option to go ‘back’ during assessment
  • Can pause the assessment at any stage and come back and complete the
  • assessment at a later date or time.
  • Assessment can be bookmarked for later completion
  • Summary page for the user to view and change any responses

DSE workstation assessment summary report

  • Summary of all questions answered and responses.

Management reporting system, including statistics

  • Separate login page and password
  • Automated feedback of user answers
  • Automated action plan guidance (user never sees this information)
  • Management comments entry box for each question
  • Search by name, department or category function
  • Automated PDF generator on completion
  • ‘Download all PDF’s’ function
  • Counter displaying all assessments taken to date
  • List of all outstanding assessments.
  • Full statistics of all assessments allowing versatile data analysis

Management Alerts

  • Assign individual administrators or managers to receive notification of actions or outstanding issues relating to specific assessment questions
  • Automatically alerts of action required when a user answers a negative response
  • Allows managers to update improvements made directly to a user’s report, including comments and date completed

Email management and automatic system launch

  • Administrators provides data of users names, department and email address
  • Once uploaded the DSE system recognises all users taking assessment
  • Launch emails and reminder emails are completely customisable as per the text required by the client.
  • An initial roll-out email is automatically sent to all users with personal login details
  • Email reminders can be set up and sent to users who have not completed assessment
  • Management can also download Excel spreadsheets at any point, showing current status of assessments, either requiring action or not

Service Level Agreement

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Security and Extended SSL Certificate

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Data Protection Policy

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