Security and Extended SSL Certificate

Posture Group is a trading name of Relaxa UK Limited.

Data Security Information

Assessment data is stored as MySQL database data within a password protected database. The online data is accessible by authorised Posture Group personnel and the respective clients administration password holder only.

Completed assessment data is stored in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) document, in a password protected folder, within the web servers file system. These documents are accessible by authorised Posture Group personnel and the respective clients administration password holder only.

All data transfers between a users browser and server running the DSE assessment system are protected by the highest level of data protection available with an extended SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate with 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit public key. The servers security is certified by the Globalsign Route CA.

The encryption method used is an extended version of SSL (secure sockets layer) and is the recommended and standard procedure for the transfer of sensitive data across the internet. The same encryption method is used to protect data transferred during transactions carried out by credit card processing systems and online banking services.

Daily data backups are encrypted on the server and transferred securely to a remote location, the data is then stored offline and deleted when it is 7 days old.

Data Deletion

Upon completion of license allowance a client may download all assessment data in the form of a compressed .zip file containing PDF documents and request all assessment data including MySQL database data and PDF documents are deleted from the system.

Data will then be deleted by authorised Posture Group personnel and confirmed with the client.

Detailed information about the Globalsign EV Extended SSL Certificate

Level of data security and protection provided:
The highest level available.

Web browser accessibility:
The extended EV SSL can be accessed using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

New green address bar security:
By turning the address bar green and showing the user the identity of the trusted Issuing Authority, the SSL Certificate provides a higher level of trust and assurance than just the standard non-EV padlock.

Strongest 2048-bit root certificate :
The Globalsign EV Extended SSL Certificate uses a 2048 bit RSA key which is a very strong level root certificate. Anything less than 2048-bit is most likely to be deemed as insecure.

SGC SSL Certificates & Strong 256 bit Secure Servers:
GlobalSign Extended SSL Certificates include 256 bit and 128 bit "step up" SGC encryption enabling technology. GlobalSign Extended SSL Certificate is capable of 256 bit strong SSL, and includes step-up SGC technology that forces weak browsers to stronger browsers.

SGC is a secure server SSL Certificate which "enhances" SSL technology to deliver strong (128-bit) encryption during an internet browsing session between the web server and the older legacy Microsoft browsers (version 4.723612.1713 and above), without SGC these older browsers are forced to connect using weak 40 bit encryption. SGC addresses the need for additional security in especially sensitive electronic transactions or communications, and are currently available to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, health and medical organisations, online merchants where support for strong encryption levels in legacy Microsoft browsers is essential. Only GlobalSign and VeriSign can provide SGC enabled certificates that provide the highest levels of browser recognition and step up encryption strengths.

If users are using the latest browsers, a GlobalSign Extended SSL Certificate is capable of delivering 256 bit encryption. This level of encryption delivers the highest possible security, and using the same computation power that would crack 40 bit encryption in hours, will take billions of years to crack 256 bit encryption.

Browser padlock:
Browser padlock is activated.

Vetting procedures:
The vetting procedures below are carried out on the domain used for hosting the online DSE software system.

- Domain checks
- Business checks
- Extended checks


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